Space Case Grinder 4 Piece Medium Magnetic

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Space Case Grinder 4 Piece Medium Magnetic

The Original Authentic Space case is the highest quality grinder available.

Find out why Space Case is the leader in quality for grinders.


Space Case Grinder Magnetic - 4 piece Medium

CNC machined using the latest technology.

Manufactured from aircraft grade billet alluminum block.

Razor sharp diamond cut teeth are non-breakable and great for shredding.

Powerful neodimium magnets for superior closure.

Teflon grade O-rings make for smooth grinding and no metal shavings.

Stainless Steel Pollen Screen.

Size: 2.5" wide X 2" tall

Comes with custom pollen scraper.

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  • 4
    Very good but titanium is better

    Posted by Luke Lowe on 3rd Feb 2017

    This is a brilliant grinder but after a while it starts to build up gunk on the male edge. If u buy the grinder grease aswell it will not build up gunk as quick. I would recommend this but the titanium version is better.

  • 5
    super product

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Mar 2016

    Works great. Easy to use. Durable. Recommend this product highly. You get what you pay for..quality. The service was fast as well. 3day mail and it was on time. Thanks

  • 5
    Simply the best!

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Oct 2015

    Hands down, this is the best grinder I've owned.

  • 5
    Really is the best!

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Aug 2015

    Did a lot of research and concluded this is the best grinder out there. Without a doubt this is true. Grinds up my herbs very smoothly, I love it.

  • 5
    Life long Grinder

    Posted by Sam Belew on 25th Jul 2015

    Hello fellow stoners! if your reading this dont change your mind the Space Case Grinder is absolutely the correct choice. Me having just bought a $80 dollar Space Case Grinder Magnetic - 4 piece Medium i am the ideal customer to write an review. This Grinder not only look good feels good and grinds good it has a life time guarantee warranty,.pshh like that needed, this grinder has no complaints,.it beautifully shreds my fat dense buds into the absolute best consistency for bunts,bowls, and bongs but if that wasnt good enough already the keef build up is phantasmal!! I ran a little under a half through it and was able too press out 3 fat dabs! this product has no complaints!
    P.S- Hey Space case! you should check out He doesn't own a good grinder!! help the guy out pls111

  • 5
    An investment piece.

    Posted by mike on 9th Dec 2014

    Alright so I ordered this medium aluminum 4 piece magnetic grinder on cyber Monday so luckily I got it for 59 bucks with free shipping. It only took 3 day to get to me which I think is awesome! Anywho, I've only had it for about a week and I haven't grinder much material yet but from what I have grinded I can tell that this is a worthwhile product that will surely outlast it's dollar value. The machining on this thing is so precise there's actually some sharp edges like around the edges of the threads that connect each piece which I cut my finger on (nothing serious, it looked like a small papercut, but still!! That's some crazy machining) with that being said, the teeth are sharp as can be, it you were to press your finger hard enough on one of the teeth you would definitely draw blood. I haven't used the small size and the large looked way too big for me. I look at this piece as an investment, I plan to use it for many years and it looks like it's built to last a long while. It can't fit in your pocket (unless you're still stuck in the 90's and you wear jeans 10 sizes bigger than you) but honestly I don't really see the point in carrying around a 4 piece. I would use a small 2 piece for pocket travel and the 4 piece grinders can stay at home. To wrap it up, look at this purchase as an INVESTMENT. If you spend the cash today, you won't have to worry about buying another grinder for a few years if you keep up with this space case and take care of it. That alone is reason enough to pull the trigger because I'm not a fan of buying a new grinder every year or so. It's pricy, but if you can build up the comfidence to purchase it I know that it won't be a regetful choice. Once you hold this thing in your hands and examine it's craftsmanship you will see why so many people like them. (I was a skeptic, which is why I bought it on sale lol but I'm so glad I went for it.) I haven't owned any other grinders to compare unfortunately but I don't see the need to experiment with others. I'm thoroughly pleased! Finally a solid American made product.

  • 5
    cant be beat

    Posted by Andrew on 19th Aug 2014

    I have tried almost every grinder worth trying and i can say there is no substitute for the best and the best is space case, no doubt about it.

  • 5
    where is it?

    Posted by mick on 4th Aug 2014

    Not received my space case yet!! When should I expect delivery?

  • 5
    Perfect for the best vaporizers!

    Posted by dinnyc on 8th Oct 2013

    We love the Space Case. It is so incredibly well made, with precision parts, making for smooth, effortless, and uniform grinding of herbs. We use the Pax and it requires a fine, uniform size grind of herb. The Space Grinder will last forever!