Space Case Airtight Stash Container Medium

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The Original Authentic Space case is the highest quality grinder available.

 Find out why Space Case is the leader in quality for grinders.


Space Case Stash Container - Medium

CNC machined using the newest technology.

Manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium.

Container features an airtight seal to keep your contents fresh.

Dimensions: 1.25" wide X 1.75" tall


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    Shhtashy shhtash

    Posted by AVRA on 22nd Feb 2018

    Nothing but the best as you'd expect with these guys! Want the inside track? Swoop this medium container with a small scout. You'll end up with a lil kit of interchangeable pieces so you can always be as incog as possible. Btw these things are feather light! Njoy!

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    great containers

    Posted by john on 19th Feb 2018

    these are the most conveniently sized air tight containers ive owned. i have a small air tight stash container ive had for im pretty sure more than 5 years now and it still seals and is completely intact and i thought id upgrade to a bigger size so i have a medium as well. the thread quality and the rubber seal make a very strong seal, ive had trouble finding a container that prevents smell without using a mason jar or a bunch of plastic bags and i usually only move with a small amount. ive purchased these for friends and family and will continue to purchase and recommend these products. i can definitely appreciate the quality and pricing from this brand and that its the same now then it was many years ago whenever i came across my small case .

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    Titanium Grinder and 2 medium containers.

    Posted by Scott. on 21st Feb 2017

    Just received these and they are very well built items. The Grinder works great. Im loving these already. Thanks SpaceCase.

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    Brilliant product

    Posted by Luke Lowe on 7th Feb 2017

    This is a top product. Size is as tall as a medium grinder and the same radius as their scout grinder. The lid is a perfect fit and never ever threads, I've tried so many times and no matter what it always goes on perfectly and smoothly. If its suitable for a space ship then it's definitely suitable to store my bud or kief in. The large one is better for me but it's only taller, the radius is still the same but that extra inch is a must for me. U can't go wrong with these products so stop thinking and just order and I promise u won't regret it. I've spent over £400 with them since I found out about their products and I only found out about space case 4 weeks ago, thats how good they are. Hope this helps u decide if not have faith and just buy, u won't be disappointed

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    AT LAST a proper case !

    Posted by Antoine on 9th Apr 2015

    Great service (express delivery) and great quality... At last a decent case to carry my medicine around without anyone noticing (especially in the subway). Simply the best !

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    Air tight stash container - medium

    Posted by Bob on 30th Dec 2014

    Great space case quality, holds a decent amount of ground blend. Fits nicely in a pocket. The picture makes it look bigger than it really is but it's meant to be discrete and portable.

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    great little jar!

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Oct 2013

    This container is durable, lightweight, and definitely portable. I'm using mine to store seeds, however, this medium-sized container is also great for holding ground bud.

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    Posted by Matt on 17th Sep 2012

    Seems to be very airtight, no smelly smells escape. Small enough to fit in pants pocket. Looks sweet. One minor negative is that it seems to scratch up somewhat easily, but what can you expect. Quality product!!!!

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    Love the Case but...

    Posted by Jeffrey on 21st Jul 2012

    This is my second case as I lost the first one to a car break in. I really like the case but one thing would make it better. Unscrewing the top is sometimes cumbersome especially after months of use when the threads become filled with residue. If the threads were coarser with more pitch it would not take as many turns to open it and it would be easier to clean the residue.